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Developing Young Players

Hoop Lab Trainers play an important role in young player development on and off the court. Their success is tied to the player’s success.

Passion for Growth

Our trainers lead by example with their extensive experience as athletes, coaches, and trainers. They continue their personal growth in the basketball community at Hoop Lab.

Hoop Lab Community

The Hoop Trainers create a community for trainers and also players to build the best basketball players and people on and off the court.

Positive Mindset

Hoop Lab Trainers are passionate about basketball and the repetitive nature of skill development. We have the best trainers that approach training and life with positivity.

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Join our Training Team

Hoop Lab trainers are “scientists” of basketball skill performance. They offer advanced skill training year-round and believe in building fundamentals to help players reach their full potential. These trainers are well-known and have tremendous experience coaching and training basketball skills for elite players nationwide. Their experience is what every player needs to get an edge on and off the court. Hoop Lab trainers demonstrate excellence and lead with positive encouragement for young players to reach their potential.

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