Lab Program

Skills Lab For Player Success

Building the Best Basketball Players One Skill at a Time

Get back to the basics in our one-of-a-kind basketball skills academy. The fundamentals are the foundation of a successful basketball career. Each session type has an advanced skills curriculum that Hoop Lab trainers develop based on the needs of the players.

The Lab Program!

Complete Player

Sharpening all aspects of a player’s game with skills such as shooting, ball handling, attack moves, and reading the game at a higher level.

Dr. Dish Shooting Machine

Dr. Dish is the perfect machine for individual skills training. use the 15.6″ touch screen to track your stats.   the players will hone their skills with on-demand, interactive drills, and workouts. 


Learning how to create space from your defender, get to where you want to on the court, and most importantly how to create for yourself and others when the ball is in your hands.

Advanced Finishing

Learning the ability to finish with either hand understanding and breaking down angles, footwork, and finesse on your shot around the basket.

Big Man Specialist

Learning how to be a force to be reckoned with around the basket, breaking down deadly post moves, and facing up on your defender from 15 feet and in. Footwork, strength, and mobility will be focused on.

Point Guard Specialist

Being the court general learning decision-making and how to see the floor and run the offense with your PG goggles on.

Jump Technique

Learning how to jump using your legs and arm motion simultaneously can improve focus on being quick and powerful to jump as high as you can.

Speed & Agility

Strengthening the lower half of your body and learning the proper way to be explosive.


An underrated part of the game which will help you being sharp decisive with your movements on both ends of the court.

Scoring Moves & Situational Training

Down 1 with 8 seconds left, the ball is in your hands. What’s the correct play and read to have your team win the game?

Strength & Conditioning

Build a strength base that will make you dominate your opponents on the court. Increase your explosiveness and vertical jump to reach elite-level athletic ability

Knockdown Shooter

Breaking down a player’s jump shot by giving them the necessary tools to have a crisp form with the proper fundamentals.


Amp Lab is built around the concept of
long term athletic development. We first want to establish proper movement strategies, balance, coordination and
core strength.


Performance Evaluation

All new players are required to participate in a mandatory performance evaluation that counts as their first Hoop Lab training session. This is a 45-minute, high-value 1:1 individual session with one of our “scientists”. The level is determined by age and then based on the player’s performance during the initial evaluation. The Level 1 and Level 2 placement in the age groups is solely dependent upon initial evaluation. Players will undergo quarterly evaluations to determine level progression. We encourage the athlete to actively participate in progress monitoring and goal setting.

Progress Tracking

We believe that tracking player progress is vital to skill development. You can see the player status through session accountability tracking and quarterly evaluations from our trainers. You and the player can see the progress at any time!

Hoop Lab Skill level evaluation is every 90 days.